Following Mercas` Footsteps

Pirates! Frogs! Piratefrogs!

session two

Pirates! Frogs! Piratefrogs!

Session two

Hours pass and Glorfinmadd makes a complete nuisance of himself. Grok tries to seduce the captain and Oskar argues with the ship song singer about the merits of storytelling versus singing.

All is peaceful, until the middle of dinner. There is a soft thumping on board and the heroes dash to the deck to see what is wrong.
They have toads…

Two three meter high, one and a half meter wide frogs with baleful glaring eyes. Oh… and a tall skinny green one.

They narrowly defeat the trio, sending the green one fleeing for his life. Leaving our heroes all standing and breathing, wondering why the frogs appeared. They loot the bodies of the red frogs, finding huge bracers, powerful belts and strange pouches.
Oskar tries to pull stuff out of the pouch…

…And nearly loses his hand as a sharp mouth closes over the opening. They play around with them, finding out that trying to remove the things visible inside, but the dead frogman`s arm does not trigger the biting.

Glorfinmads wounds are incredibly itchy. So the ships doc has a look at it. He tells them that ‘they’ are too deep for him to pull out. He explains that this is above his knowledge.
Twenty-four hours later Glorfinmad falls into a state of utter stupidity and weakness.
Thirty two hours later the heroes arrive at Merylsward.

Thirty three hours later Glorfinmadd is being treated. The slugs have been removed successfully.
Then the heroes set out to sell their swag, first stop: The rangers.

Of course Oskar gets lost completely, but manages to find a nice guard that hooks him up with his nephew as a guide.

The group is brought before the commander, who inspects the swag and calmly informs them they can turn in those demonic items for the legal finders fee of 500 gold and walk out as free men, or they can decline and be charged with possession of illegal and dangerous goods. They choose the finders fee, if the Rangers can explain to them why these things are so bad and doublecheck if they are.

Unbeknownst to the group this is exactly what the rangers do, all the time, when confronted with strange items. Their request is granted and they manage to negotiate a bonus, a small little magic item of their choice to be crafted by a skilled artificer.



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