Loot and exp

Dead Dwarves do not talk

3600 exp, so that is 900 exp per person

Yay! Pira-! oh no.. just big frogs… :’(

4600 exp, and a bunch of swag the heroes wisely sold to the Rangers, for 3000 gold.
So per person that is 1150 xp and 750 gold.

Into the woods we go!

1200 exp, 2x Banded Mail of the Wing, a Guissarme of Cruel Kindness, a Tritent of Helplessness, 7 silver and a lot of Very very soft pieces of soothing green cloth
So 300 exp per head of the party

For some reason I can`t get the link to the items to work… Here is plan B: Go to the items page.

Following the trail of clues…

3600 exp for defeating Darkereyes door and doorman, no loot, since the doorman hobbled away
This means 900 exp per person

…Into the cultist`s lair…

8400 exp for clearing the lair of baddies. 3600 for the shadow golem in the pit of bones, 3600 for the beholder and his shield golem, and 1200 for the patrol.
That is…er… 2100 per person

So far no loot, since the shieldgolem did something that made the lair rumble…

Back on the trail!

Let`s see, it has been a while… Well, 2000xp for surviving the riverdragons attack, the trapped cargobox and finding Lost Hope. This gives each player 500 xp

Into the Halls of Death

People are disappointed by the lack of undead, so I gave them an undead puzzle room. 2400xp
The Jelly and Golem combination was 2400xp and Mrr`lk`mak was worth 4800xp

This gives all players 2400xp. Ding!!

Good things happen to slightly foolish people, after letting their guide die to Mrr`lk`mar, they steal the Grimlocks wand of healing. Mrr`lk`mar was also ‘wearing’ a Ring of Protection +2. Floating in the stomache was an Impervious Bag of Holding, in there was a locked book and three pearls on a string.

Loot and exp

Following Mercas` Footsteps Douwe